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Adam Treiser, GWSB BBA '05
Adam Treiser, GWSB BBA ’05

The following alumni profile was written by Tatiana Blanco-Bertolo, a student in GW’s part-time MBA program. Blanco-Bertolo wrote the article as part of an assignment for an entrepreneurship class; students had to interview a DC-based entrepreneur and learn about his/her career path. Blanco-Bertolo’s choice? A GWSB grad, of course! Read on to learn about Adam Treiser, GWSB BBA ’05 and his company, Arjuna Solutions, LLC.

How “predictable” do you want your career path to be?

By Tatiana Blanco-Bertolo

After declining to join a private equity firm in August 2011, Adam Treiser, GWSB BBA ’05 and graduate of The Georgetown University Law Center, walked away from a “predictable” career path.

The reason? Adam committed himself entirely to pursuing a long-brewing business idea and becoming an entrepreneur.

Less than a year and a half after declining that job offer, Adam, who is CEO and Founder of Arjuna Solutions, LLC, secured his first contract with a company that was 100% invested in using his patented product, Persanalytix™

Persanalytix™ is a predictive analytics and data visualization platform that categorizes individual consumers into one or more “personas.”

As he began to build his company, Adam buried himself in articles and case studies about data science and travelled across the U.S. to interview corporate executives, as well as small and medium business owners. Adam wanted to understand how people are impacted by information and data science.

In addition, Adam taught himself how to write computer code. He also filed multiple patents and, with no prior entrepreneurial experience or mentor to guide him, devised a business strategy.

Adam’s work paid off. He was able to attract several high-profile data scientists to join him in his pursuit to make his business concept a reality.

Now, Adam wakes up every day knowing he is responsible for delivering products that drive profitability to customers, and happiness, pride, and financial returns to employees and investors.

Ultimately, Adam’s product frees executives, managers, marketers and other business leaders from complex and disparate IT systems. Persanalytix™ delivers previously unattainable forecasts of human behavior directly to their mobile devices so they are never more than a button away from seeing, finding, and understanding how to motivate their most profitable customers.

How does Adam define success? He asks his own customers to define it for him. If they’re not happy, he knows he has to keep working.

Like many GW graduates, Adam Treiser has an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to keep learning. And like many entrepreneurs, Adam has defined his own version of fun.

“Fun is every single day,” he says. “Fun is when you can build a product that delivers bottom-line value to a customer. Fun is drafting a patent application. Fun is building a website; Fun is having the opportunity to pitch your product or service to business executives and watch as they become believers in your product, your company, and in you.”

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