Valentines: Kathryn Frazier & Andy Stone

Andy, Kathryn and their officiant, Chris.

Though they ran in the same social circles for several years at GW, it wasn’t until the summer before their junior year that Kathryn Frazier, CCAS BA ‘03 and Andy Stone, CCAS BA ‘03 saw each other as more than friends.

The two got to know one another and a romance began to blossom. They soon created memories together, from hanging out in between classes at J Street and the Gelman Library, to bigger milestones.

“In 2001, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon with my sister,” recalls Kathryn. “Andy made a big effort to support us. He scoped out spots all over the city to cheer us on, including helping my friends position a banner over Rock Creek Parkway.”

After graduating from GW in 2003, Andy moved to New Hampshire to work on John Kerry’s presidential campaign, while Kathryn stayed in DC to start her career. With the distance between them, the two simply decided to “see what happens.”

What happened was that their relationship grew stronger.

Kathryn made frequent trips to New Hampshire during that summer and fall, accompanying Andy on numerous canvasses and other campaign activities. When the primaries ended, Andy returned to DC and stayed at Kathryn’s apartment.

The pair assumed that after a few months back in the District, Andy would find his own place. But an unexpected opportunity arose for both of them to move into a house in DC’s Logan Circle with two other GW friends.

Though cautious to move in together at a young age, the move felt right, and Kathryn and Andy made the leap. Three years later, the happy pair felt it was time to find their own place. Two years later, in 2009, they purchased their own apartment in the same Logan Circle neighborhood.

Over the years that Kathryn and Andy lived together, they attended many weddings of family and friends; however, they were in no rush to marry.  They were simply content to enjoy their life together as it was.

That changed just before Christmas 2011. Andy surprised Kathryn on the Foggy Bottom campus and proposed on the quad in front of Lisner Hall, where the couple’s class bricks are located. Unbeknownst to Kathryn, Andy had coordinated with her sister and arranged for a small group of close friends to wait at a nearby restaurant to celebrate the couple’s engagement.

Twelve years after they first met, Kathryn and Andy were married in DC on Dec. 1, 2012.

“The best part about waiting so long to get married was the collective group of friends and family we had to celebrate with,” says Kathryn. “We are blessed to have a great circle of people who are not only invested in our relationship, but have been inspirations to us. We were so excited to share our wedding day with them.”

The wedding brought many of the couple’s closest GW friends together. One of their best friends (and former roommate), Christopher Bolyai, CCAS BA ‘02, even officiated the ceremony, making the day even more special for Kathryn, Andy and all the Colonials who were there to support them.

Now that they’ve tied the knot, the couple continues to look forward to building a strong community of family and friends—the foundation of which, the couple says, begins with their “nearest and dearest friends from GW.”

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