Husani Bastien, CCAS BA ’96, GWSB MS ’98

Husani Bastien, CCAS BA ’96, GWSB MS ’98, founder and CEO of,  co-authored Yes We Can: Obama and Clinton Walk the Talk: How Communications and Performance Win Elections  (Arrow Publications, 2012).

Book description from publisher:

Will Obama follow in Clinton’s footsteps and win a second term? This timely book examines the possibilities. The authors analyze the similarities of both presidents’ backgrounds and communication approaches, which may well inform what the future holds for President Obama in the 2012 elections. The book gives brief biographies of both presidents with a section on their remarkable similarities. It also analyzes both Presidents’ speeches using some of the techniques of rhetorical theory. The book also discusses, from the perspective of psychology, the power of repetition in communication, and President Obama’s use of the internet and social media.

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