Alumni Volunteer at Colonial Inauguration Dinner

Ten alumni who live in the D.C. region gathered on campus to dine with this year’s incoming freshmen class last night.

Added to the Colonial Inauguration orientation program in 2008, these regional dinners (called that because the dinner tables are organized by hometown) provide an opportunity for alumni to share their GW memories with the new students.

“It’s important that we introduce students to the GW Alumni Association and to being a Colonial,” says Keith Greene, (GWSB ’79), who chairs the Career Services Committee for the GWAA and has attended all of the 2012 GW regional dinners. “Plus it gives me a chance to tell stories about my great time at GW and the friendships I made that last to this day.”

 But it’s not just the alumni who benefit from the experience. As Greene traveled between rooms in the Marvin Center stopping at tables to say hello, incoming students enjoyed his advice and jokes.

“It was really fun to meet the alumni,” said one incoming student from Orlando, Florida. “It’s nice to know that once you are a Colonial, you’re a Colonial for life.”

To read more about Colonial Inauguration, see GWToday’s story on the orientation program.

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