Culture Buffs at African American Civil War Museum

culture buffs at african american museum

For Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen, GWSB ’67, ESIA ’73, the moment that marked his military services was when he was shot down in Vietnam and his parachute opened.

This was one of many experiences that Lt. General Petersen, the first African American Marine Corps aviator and first African American Marine Corps General, shared during the GW Culture Buffs event on April 21 at the African American Civil War Museum. As the featured speaker, he chatted with GW Professor Jennifer James, director of the African Studies program, about his experiences and the effects of war on African Americans.

More than 50 alumni and friends gathered for the GW Culture Buffs event, which was also part of the fifth annual Black Alumni Reunion. The event included a private reception and tours by the museum’s director and curator.

See event photos on below.

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The popular GW Culture Buffs series bring together alumni, faculty and friends for one-of-a-kind cultural experiences. Visit museums, historical estates, theatres and much more. Experience exclusive tours and lectures from knowledgeable GW faculty and expert alumni. Enjoy lively discussion and network with fellow alumni while reconnecting with GW.

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