Valentines: Barbara (Robinson) & Musa Eubanks

Barbara (Robinson) Eubanks, CCAS BA ’96, & Musa Eubanks, JD ’96

It was a cold night in November 1995 when Barbara, dressed in her ROTC uniform and working for Toys for Tots in the Marvin Center, first met Musa.

“He came rushing through the lobby on his way to play a few video games between law school classes. He only had two dollars in his pocket, and I convinced him to donate one to the charity,” recalls Barbara. “After his class, he came back to find me just as I was leaving, and we exchanged information.”

The two began dating and soon learned (by looking at old family photos) that they had been childhood playmates in Pittsburgh, where Barbara grew up and Musa lived for five years.

Unfortunately, a few months later, in May 1996, Musa suddenly became ill and was hospitalized.

“He missed his law school graduation and had his degree conferred in his hospital room by Dean Robinson,” recalls Barbara. “From that same hospital room, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”

Musa’s health improved slowly, but before he was fully recovered, Barbara was diagnosed with liver cancer.

“We both went on to have miraculous recoveries, and in November 1996, surrounded by family, friends and many GW classmates, we were married,” says Barbara.

After graduation, Barbara was commissioned in the Navy, and she served in various locations, including two tours in the Pentagon, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. She retired in August 2011 and now spends time at home focusing on their four sons.

Musa has enjoyed a successful legal career and is the acting director for the Office of Community Outreach in Maryland’s Prince George’s County.

Recently the couple returned to GW, and they made sure to stand on the spot where they first met and exchange a kiss.

“Looking back and remembering what we overcame, we have a great deal to be thankful for,” says Barbara. “But we are especially thankful for that cold November night in the lobby of the Marvin Center.”

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