Hear from the Eight Recipients of the Alumni Achievement Award

Annual event recognizes the accomplishments of some of the university’s most distinguished alumni. The university honored the accomplishments of eight of its alumni at the 81st annual Alumni Achievement Awards on Thursday, kicking off this year’s unified Colonials Weekend for alumni, students, family and friends. George Washington University President Thomas LeBlanc said in opening remarks that although he has


GW Alumnus Brings Light into Darkness

As a child growing up in Washington, D.C., Antwanye Ford, SEAS BS ’87, GWSB MS ’93, learned that a single individual could have a significant impact on the world around him. His parents owned a small upholstery shop in the U Street Corridor, where Antwanye worked after school. Living, working, and contributing to his community


GW SMPA Alumnus Wins Big at PBS

What’s the best way to score a job at PBS NewsHour and become an Emmy-winning producer? Start pretending you’re a journalist in high school. At least, that’s what Jason Kane, SMPA BA ’07, did, and it’s been a winning strategy for him. “I learned early that calling myself a journalist gave me a pass to


ESIA Alumna Shares Experiences from the Negotiating Table

Winter in Moscow is relentlessly cold, as Wendy Cutler, ESIA BA ’79, learned when she spent her GW semester abroad in the capital of what was then the Soviet Union. Her time in Moscow also coincided with the Cold War. “It was a “rough semester, frankly,” Wendy says, with a hint of a smile. But


Alumna brings instruments to India

On a recent day last month, Marielena Faria, ESIA BA ’13, stopped by the Elliott School to update us on her career and tell us about her latest project, Hearts 4 Harmony (H4H). The project aims to bring instruments donated by children in the United States to children in an underdeveloped corner of northern India. Many


CCAS Alumnus Launches Dating App with a Twist

What are the chances that two people who were meant to be together actually meet? Thanks to Perchance, a new app developed by Dave Gottesmann, CCAS BA ’03, the odds of such an occurrence have just gone up. “Perchance is a mobile app that offers users a second chance at reconnecting with someone they may